7 Figure Months Binary Scam – Stay Away From These Fraudsters

Ok guys, I’ve really had enough of these people spamming my inbox with their attempts to defraud me. To cut a long story short, don’t trust this binary options software called 7 Figure Months and avoid it like the plague. One thing you should know is that once a scammer has your contact details, they will pass it on to their fellow scammers to contact you again when a new scam has been devised.

Everything from the sales page of 7 Figure Months to the exaggerated claims of success illustrate how much of a massive binary options scam it is. Let’s go deeper and investigate the 7 Figure Months scam.

Name: 7 Figure Months

Website: www.7figuremonths.com

Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creator: Martin Saunders

Cost: $250 onwards to trade.

Silly Scam?: Yes

Earn $1 Million Per Month!


This is the exaggerated statement which faces you when visiting 7 Figure Months. Of course, it’s all rubbish as Martin Saunders gives NO verifiable proof of receiving a million dollars per MONTH. No legitimate proof from REAL banks or verifiable information which proves that you can earn a million dollars a month from this auto pilot software. Not even professors are earning this amount!

You would think that these scammers would be weary as to whether making one million dollars a month is believable, but obviously not. They want to attract whomever is willing to invest a minimum of $250 via their recommended broker for financial gain.

But this financial gain is not just limited to the individuals who created this scam but also to those who are willing to endorse and promote this scam to gain commissions. For example, 7 Figure Months makes no quibbles about it offering an Affiliate Program whereby you can gain a percentage of the amount that the visitor invested in the scam.

If this isn’t a disgusting MLM binary options scam, I don’t know what is. If you missed my article on the countless number of blogs who endorse scams for their own benefit, please click here. It’s eye opening to say the least. 

Paid Actors & Doctored Account Balances. 

There is NO verifiable information on this so called ‘Martin Saunders’ and that is because he is a PAID actor. The sales page uses the same 2 camera format like all the other binary option scams who lure in people by using deceptive tactics to make themselves look credible. On another note, don’t you think his head is really OVAL? He looks like Humpty Dumpty.

Another thing which really tripped me out about the sales page is the fact that this actress called Michelle can jump into the future. When she logs in and shows us a snapshot of her account balance (lucky us!) as a result of using the 7 Figure Months software, the date says 06/08/2016.


Last time I checked, we are still in July. But even if we see this date as the 8th of June, it still doesn’t make sense because the 8th of June falls on a Wednesday and not a Thursday as the screenshot shows. This dummy even has her finger on the FAKE date! Don’t these scammers look at whether the date on their doctored account statement makes SENSE?

Shameless Tactics & No Support.

One aspect of this scam which truly disturbs me is the fact that 7 Figure Months prey on people who have been scammed previously (I was one!) but are looking for a genuine opportunity to make money online. Mr Saunders says that he knows that you may have been burnt before by scams, but the 7 Figure Months is different.

RUBBISH! How are you different when you are using FUTURE dates on FAKE account statements which don’t even make sense? It’s just unreal to me the lengths that binary options scammers go in order to steal people’s money.

7 Figure Months has a support e-mail address, but I can say with certainty that this is more dedicated to AFFILIATES who want support to PROMOTE this scam. If you have been burned by this scam, it is HIGHLY probable that you will never hear from these scammers. In fact, after you deposit you are taken straight to the platform and you may not even receive any e-mails at all from them. It’s a case of depositing and them running of with your money after they recklessly trade your deposit.

7 Figure Months EXPOSED!

It is funny to me how all of these SCAMS use UNLISTED videos which are hard to find on YouTube. This is done for a purpose and that purpose is to prevent people from commenting on the video to EXPOSE the scammers behind 7 Figure Months.

If you want, you can check out their sales spiel right here below.

Martin Saunders claims that the 7 Figure Months is different to all the other traditional methods out there. In fact, his auto trading software has a loophole which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to lose a trade! Wow, that’s a new one to me. Because anybody who is experienced in binary options knows that trading binary options is VERY risky if you don’t know what your doing, particularly if your trusting in an auto trading robot. Binary options trading requires education and strategy, neither of which 7 Figure Months teaches.

Apparently, Martin has shared this software to 21 people which consist of his friends and families. And guess what: they have all become MILLIONAIRES! So why is this humpty dumpty looking fool still trying to persuade us to buy into this SCAM? Go away and enjoy your millions. Of course, everything which comes out of their mouths are LIES and they don’t provide PROOF and back up their claims.

After you listen to the sales spiel and go on to step 2, there is a warning statement which says that 804 people are watching this video right now, and there are only 6 positions open. However, Martin Saunders later contradicts this statement by saying that there are only 20 spaces left and begs you to register now because he doesn’t want you to miss out. Oh how kind of you Martin! But the scamming perpetrators who are paying you to say all of these false promises don’t make any SENSE!

Is it 6 positions or 20? The desperation to DEFRAUD people is just mind numbing. But what can you expect from a scam which names itself ‘7 Figure Months’? Either way, it doesn’t matter because there is no such thing as ‘positions available’.

These scammers will HARASS you to sign up to their scam. They will wait night and day for you to deposit your HARD EARNED money for their financial benefit. So all these contradicting statements about positions being open is all a lie anyway just like the fake countdown timers on all the other countless binary options scams.

A Blast From The Scamming Past!

If all of that isn’t exciting to read in itself, the old aged actor from the Insured Outcome scam also makes a cameo! He basically walks you through on how to make sure you deposit successfully with their recommended broker. Because, putting in your bank details requires a sleazy old guy who should be enjoying his pension as opposed to SCAMMING other people.

The cameo from grandpa isn’t too shocking though as I was able to connect their fraudulent dots. I am being spammed by Insured Outcome left, right and center and it was Insured Outcome which passed on my details to 7 Figure Months!

Yep; if this isn’t proof that these evil people keep their scamming circle tightly knitted, I don’t know what is. Grandpa made sure to help out 7 Figure Months in their scam because they are more than likely run by the same people.

During his rehearsed lines, there is also a manipulated DEMO account which is labelled as some sort of proof that the 7 Figure Months is a genuine software. But the trades are from 2014, even though the website was registered in 2016. Furthermore, the results are not real time and manipulated to further deceive us.

7 Figure Months Is A Silly Scam!

Please don’t trust this software and if you receive an e-mail from them, just know that they are scammers. They are preying on people who have been scammed previously and use deceptive tactics to abuse the trust of people who want a genuine opportunity to make money online. If this is you, I would love to hear of your experiences with 7 Figure Months.

Like always, feel free to drop me a comment if you want to speak about whether a particular program is a scam. You can also contact me at sillyscams@gmail.com

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  1. Violet

    I am most unhappy about getting this kind of spam mail and I want it to stop how can this be done please as I am a pensioner and very scared of these type of things


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