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The Story of Silly Scams

My name is Jay and I’m here to expose those silly scams which attempt to defraud you and take your money without providing you a legitimate opportunity to make money online. I intend to do this while adding doses of humor because what’s life without laughter? 😀

I started my online journey over 15 years ago and experienced different online opportunities to make money (some good and a lot bad!). Unfortunately, in today’s age, there are many scams out there which degrade the trust and money of many people – I was one of these!

Because of my various experiences of being burned by the ocean of scammers out there, I created Silly Scams to expose online con artists. Silly Scams aims to help people who genuinely wish to make money online. The premise of the site is to help you differentiate between online opportunities which are genuine and which you should stay away from.

Choosing the right program for you will eventually allow you to take control of your finances. I was able to do this by completing the steps of building an online business. This has been the most successful for me and many many others, and you can also replicate this success…without spending a penny!

Creating an online business has enabled me to create a foundation which is not reliant on another person or company. I am able to work on my own terms and work towards my dreams (not some Fortune 500 company)!

In my spare time, I am a reality TV junkie, love to table-tennis, read autobiographies as well as visit historic places – does that make me sound boring? 😛

Take your time to become familiar with the site. I’m here to help you with any questions you may have, so please feel free to e-mail me. Also, if you want me to review a particular program which you have been scammed by or are unsure of, please drop me an e-mail and I’ll review it for you!

Your friend,


Founder of SillyScams.com

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ifti

    Hello Jay,

    I came across your site when I was about to sign up for copy buffet as it seemed a legit opportunity and I literally searched a lot and came across many promising reviews about it. After reading so much positive things and just about to sign up I was still a bit skeptical because I also know that there is no business or program in this world that can make you a rich person overnight there is always a catch to it and I don’t want to become or follow that approach I want to earn a stable income which can later on build up to an empire that’s my thinking and approach. But when I came across your blog I was really surprised and shocked because Mike Freeman is a good person and I have witnessed his work with proof as he does help people and they have seen the result but after endorsing copy buffet and to see such outcome of this particular program is really shocking to me so what would you suggest to work on if one needed to select an opportunity in the binary business what would you recommend. I saw your wealthy affiliate link and I will also start on that as well but just as information sake as per binary options are concerned what would be your best recommendation.

    Thank you in advance and really looking forward to your answer and support.

    1. Jay Post author

      Hi Ifti

      Sorry but Copy Buffett is indeed a scam! I lost $250 to them, so can certify that it’s all a scam.

      I wouldn’t recommend any binary robots, alerts or anything of the sort. If you are really into forex, then I would recommend learning from the bottom (e.g. how to read graphs etc). But as any successful trader would tell you, it’s not an easy journey, and it doesn’t mean you will be profitable at the end either.

      If your ultimate goal is to make money, perhaps look at Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative: http://sillyscams.com/getting-started

      Or if it’s definitely forex you want to get into, then I would recommend looking up on education related to forex. I wouldn’t pay for any courses though: there is a wealth of information online.

      I hope this helps and again, keep your chin up: it sucks to be scammed but in the end, what goes around comes back around.

      Best wishes,

      Jay 🙂


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