Bank Tracker Bot Scam – Binary Options Fraud Exposed

Bank Tracker Bot is a new scam which is making it’s way through the internet waves. A lot of people are getting fooled by the sophisticated sales techniques this so called ‘Michael George’ uses; but Bank Tracker Bot is 100% a binary options software SCAM! Let’s expose this person for the thieving creep he is!

Name: Bank Tracker Bot


Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creator: Michael George

Cost: $250 onwards to trade.

Silly Scam?: Yes

What is Bank Tracker Bot?


Bank Tracker Bot is a binary options auto trading app/platform. When visiting the website, we are faced with an introductory video which spiels all the binary sales statements that many of these scams use. Michael George makes false promises and exaggerated claims of financial success from using the software. He even tries to lure visitors in to sign up for the app by driving in a Maserati and speaking about how he can take trips to Southern Italy!

This Scam Is Different! 


What makes this scam different though is the so called inclusion of ‘bank stocks’ which makes zero sense. Apparently, the app follows bank stocks because according to them, they have less volatility. They claim “we managed to develop the Bank Tracker Bot to make trades on the less volatile banking sector which has proven to be wildly successful in theory and “practice.

LIES! I would like to know how this scam would take into account everyday financial news which impacts bank stocks? Would someone be on hand 24/7 to give their fundamental analysis to make sure the trades are sensible? Of course not! But he even admits that his system doesn’t follow news releases, trapping him in his own web of deceit. All of this rubbish is designed to make the visitor feel that ‘Michael George’ knows what he is talking about. He doesn’t though.

I could go on about his fake backstory, but it’s all lies designed to make ‘Michael George’ more believable. The more realistic these characters are required to be, the more chances they have of luring innocent people in to deposit their money.

The Real Tea on Bank Tracker Bot


It’s a small world when it comes to binary options scammers, as they all use the same deceptive techniques.

  • Extremely exaggerated claims of success which don’t even make sense. Also, these exaggerated claims of success are made by fake people who have never used this binary options scam. The testimonials all have HD stock pictures illustrating how fake they are.
  • It is reiterated by Michael that the software is free, and that we have nothing to lose…LIES! A deposit is required through a broker for these scammers to deplete your account. We see right through you Michael…even though that’s not your real name!
  • Where are the RECEIPTS? Why are these fraudsters not even bothering to provide us with FAKE bank balances and account statements? Hmm, I guess the main selling point of this scam is the constant illustration of FAKE riches; from houses, cars and a completely contrived backstory of Michael George. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Doesn’t Michael George sound like a music star though? Oh wait, that’s George Michael!
  • Michael George even goes as far to say that he was able to leave his job in an IT firm after 2 months through accruing $30k by using the Bank Trader Bot. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The Bank Tracker Bot scam uses emotive language to pull at the visitor’s heart strings. Who doesn’t want to leave their full time job to make a lot of money online? But why isn’t Michael George not giving us REAL NAMES such as the name of the company he used to work for and FACTUAL DETAILS? What IT firm did he work for and is his story in the news? NO! It’s all bull to deceive the visitor.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Hopefully this review has shown why the Bank Tracker Bot is a certified scam. Ignorance truly is not bliss when it comes to being approached by binary options scammers. If this review helped you, please share the word on Bank Tracker Bot by sharing this article on social media.

If you are approached by the Bank Tracker Bot, be sure to click the red X on the corner of the webpage. This scam goes beyond being silly, it is REPULSIVE!

Have you had any dealings with the Bank Trader Bot? If so, were they good or bad? It would be great to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Bank Tracker Bot Scam – Binary Options Fraud Exposed

  1. DrSarahBrewer

    Hilarious and highly entertaining. If only it were fiction – I’ve not come across this scam but it sounds like a great plot for a short story. How is this scam usualy spread – by email or by adverts on facebook or the like? I guess they are mainly targetting males if they are showing a Maserati – are there many scams that specificially target females? thanks.

    1. Jay Post author

      Hi Sarah, it’s spread by all those formats; social media and advertisement. Not really, materialism attracts both genders, so I think it draws in both males and females.

  2. Chris

    Geez they are still trying to plug Binary Options bots I take it – when will people realize that bots are no different than forex indicators. They predict market changes – nothing more! Nothing can get over 80% accuracy (and even then you are paying tens of thousands of dollars!). Ridiculous claims from a ridiculous product!


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