Binary Watchdogs Exposed – List of Bloggers You Shouldn’t Trust!

This post is to expose certain binary watchdog websites who claim to review binary scams. In reality, these websites are involved in the scams themselves! This post was inspired by me following various binary watchdog sites who positively reviewed binary platforms which I invested in. These bloggers repeatedly tell lies to their followers about the success of certain binary platforms in order to get commissions.

The backstory of this post hinges upon my experience in using both Copy Buffett and Neo2 which are binary options auto traders. I invested in both of these platforms amongst others after reading glowing reviews from Binary Options Watchdog and Binary Options Governor. You can read their reviews through the links and you will find nothing but great results as a result of using these auto traders.

Binary Watchdogs EXPOSED!

What shocks me the most about these bloggers is how they try to cover up their tracks of being exposed as scam promoters. For example, they review scams which are ACTUALLY scams (e.g. Bank Tracker Scam, Insured Outcome etc). However, this serves a purpose; which is to create trust and reassure the visitor that the Watchdog is on THEIR side in EXPOSING scams.


Once they create this trust (see the thousands of followers they have), their recommendation of the few scams that they do endorse (Copy Buffett, Neo2) are a HUGE success. Not only for the creators of the scams but the bloggers themselves. A lot of people sign up for the scams through the bloggers’ links and this not only get’s the scammers PAID UP but also the bloggers through commissions.

Binary Options Watchdog and Binary Options Governor receive commissions when people sign up to those scams through their respective links. I know this because of their affiliate ID’s which are revealed in the internet explorer toolbar when you click on their sign up links for Copy Buffett and Neo2. See an example below.*******&affuser=10market1

I can 100% say that Copy Buffett and Neo2 are both scams created to steal other people’s money. It’s SAD that people who genuinely want to make money online are abused by not only the scammers, but the bloggers who claim to be on their side!

Censorship Is Not Fun.

Red, Stamp, Rubber, Censored, Censor

When I contacted the Binary Options Watchdog and Governor about my deposits depleting faster than you can say SCAM, they NEVER responded. In fact, they NEVER even approved my comments!

This is the e-mail that I sent both bloggers:

Hi so I am a fan of your site and read your reviews on both copy buffett and NEO2 which I have signed up for. The NEO2 program has lost me a lot of money. I have had 4 trades lose in a row and I had to turn off the program due to it making all those trades. My question is, am I being scammed? I’m confused as reviews are saying NEO2 is great, but with all those loses is it the broker? 

Please help me

My comments probably went straight into their trash box because it didn’t comply with the FALSE picture of these scams being AMAZING products which make people a lot of money. It is this FALSE picture which is defrauding a lot of people out of money. People who want to genuinely make money online without being financially abused by scammers.

The Truth Comes To Light. 

Despair, Alone, Being Alone, Archetype, Archetypes

Here is a comment I received from a reader of Silly Scams who trusted such bloggers. It basically illustrates how heartbreaking it is when your trust is abused.

“There is something very troubling going on here in the world of binary option robot bloggers. I have been trading forex for a number of years and over the last 6 months being doing some research into getting involved in binary option trading as well. In addition I have been looking into finding a reliable option bot to be running every day.

There are a handful of bloggers who apparently sift through the mass of auto trading bot scams and highlight those that are reliable. Centument then Citadel then Trade Fusion then Social Tech Trader then Copy Buffet then Option Robot then Binadroid and now NEO2 etc have all (apparently) been tested and recommended by these bloggers.

I have tried them all with significant sums of money and always carefully followed any guidelines from the bloggers around settings/time of day/avoiding big news events or turbulent markets etc. EVERY SINGLE ONE has failed , the worst in a matter of hours….and the more I investigate the more I seem to find this is the fate of the overwhelming majority of people who have followed the bloggers advice.

In terms of NEO2 it is conceivable that weather predictions could affect commodity prices some months ahead…but what POSSIBLE affect could it have on a 1 min or 5 min or 1 hours or 1 day FOREX pair? So there is manipulation here. The question is who is manipulating who?

Are the bloggers manipulating their results to draw thousands of people to the software programmes being promoted to obtain affiliate commission? (Which is the equivalent of whatever you deposit by the way Or are those behind the software facilitating the trading success of the handful of bloggers, knowing full well their positive comments will bring thousands to their sites?.

What is for certain is the apparent success of the bloggers on the above software programmes is not, repeat, NOT being replicated by those who are following the bloggers. If the software programmes really worked in the way they are being promoted by the bloggers there would be dozens/hundreds of people on the internet with very vocal feedback about how delighted they are…but there is not.

Instead there are many people who are deeply disenchanted and fed up of losing their money. Similarly it is inconceivable that if the bloggers really were earning the thousands they claim that they would stop using the autobots after a few weeks?

Again I lost all my money with NE02 – The only difference vs the the others is that it took two weeks to lose my money ITS ONLY THE BLOGGERS WHO REPORT GREAT RESULTS! Its quite disgraceful…

Exposing The Exposers!

It’s sad when we live in a day and age when we have to beware of bloggers who seek to beware others of scams. But this is the reality. Below you will find a list of Binary Options Watchdog sites who are promoting SCAMS.

If you have any to add to the list, please drop me a comment under this article.

List of Scamming Binary Watchdogs

Shakedown, Robbery, Theft, Tax, Money, Cash, Stealing

Objective Binary Options

Binary Options Watchdog

Binary Options Governor

Binary Options Sheriff


Easy Trading Signals

Binary Options Spot

Auto Binary Signals Review

Binary Options Gorilla

Option Xpert

Binary Signals Cafe

Binary Options Elite Club

Binary Options Army

Objective Binary Options

Homeworking International

The Binary Lab

Prestige Binary Options

Trusted Binary Reviews


Do you have any experience with any of these penny pinching bloggers? Do you have any you would like to recommend? Let me know by dropping a comment on this article 🙂

Your friend,




6 thoughts on “Binary Watchdogs Exposed – List of Bloggers You Shouldn’t Trust!

  1. David

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  2. Md Abed

    i am the same victim like other, i would like to know is there any binary site in which we can trust in,
    Coffee Cash Cheat is a big scammer, 24 Option and many more, so what is the real truth behind all of these stories, or there is no such legitimate system that really happen or works in real life, Thanks

    1. Jay Post author

      Hi there Md Abed. I’m sorry to hear that; it’s an awful feeling to know that you have been scammed.

      In terms of binary sites, I wouldn’t trust any of them due to the majority of them either being fraudulent auto trading robots or signals which deplete your deposit. Don’t trust in them if they match the signs of a scam, see here:

      The real story on these sorts of scams is quite simple: they earn commissions for referring people onto the scams. For example, check out this review of the Copy Buffett scam:

      I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me again if you need any help.



    I joined BinaryRobot365 because some place said it was legitimate and safe. I went so far as to get them to bill my credit card with 2 entries which I had to check out and verify before I could go deeper into the maze. Then they wanted me to convert my USD in Bitcoins or 2 other cryptocurrency. When I tried the free Demo it increased my non-existent account by about $55. On the Demo screen on the upper right was a rectangular green area that had a $5,000 amount with a button below that if you pressed went from Demo to Real. Naturally my pointer stayed far away. I went to a help support area where you could do it in groups or individually and up pops a beautiful platinum blonde to help me. I wondered how much this help was going to cost. I could never hear her but saw her lips moving. Another dark haired beauty named Edna was available but I could only see her lips moving. I had no idea if they even knew I was here. Before I would deposit any funds in my Account I would sleep on it. Next morning I looked up some scam websites and discovered that this one was also a bad choice but named Binary OptionRobot. But when I went to join it said my email already existed or was invalid. So all these places are frauds and are in cahoots. God help anyone who tries to get money the easy way through anything related. ALL ARE SCAMS!!!


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