Is Copy Buffett A Scam? – Fraudulent Binary App Exposed

After depositing over $250 with Copy Buffett, I can confidently say that this is a certified scam. What’s most shocking about Copy Buffett is that many websites who promote themselves as exposing scams are actually endorsing this scam. Why? For financial gain.

I can assure you that a post will be made about such websites, as people deserve to know how manipulative such websites can be. They are masquerading as impartial and unbiased but they are involved in the scams themselves. But let’s move on and expose the truth to the question many are asking: is Copy Buffett a scam?

Name: Copy Buffett


Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creator: Jeremy Fin

Cost: $250 onwards to trade.

Silly Scam?: Yes

What is Copy Buffett? 

Copy Buffett is a binary options auto trader which requires you to deposit with their recommended broker. After you have made a deposit (minimum of $250), the auto trader will then take automatic trades on a range of binary options (currencies, stocks, commodities etc).

The broker that I was assigned to was Banc De Binary. From my personal experiences with this broker, I recommend to stay away from them as they engage in shady business practices (e.g. calling you 24/7 to deposit more money and offering so called incentives through bonus money).

Copy Buffett uses a trick which is different from other binary option scams. They say that the software is free to use for 30 days, and after those 30 days they take a 5% commission from your broker account. That’s if you make any money of course (which you won’t). They use this 30 day trial period as a selling point to make the software look more genuine and legitimate. But it’s still a SCAM!


Copy Buffett Has No Affiliation To Warren Buffett!


Jeremy Fin (the creator of Copy Buffett) uses Warren Buffett’s name to defraud people’s pockets who genuinely want to make money via binary options. He even uses BOLD impact when writing about Warren Buffett being the ‘Richest Investor in History’! I’m sure if Warren Buffett knew about this disgusting scam, he would sue the HELL out of them! Using the name of an influential person like Warren Buffett is a way for Jeremy Fin to lure people into the Copy Buffett scam.

According to Fin, he has been following the trading methods of Warren (yeah right!) and learned that in order to trade successfully, you need to copy from the best. Hmm, except the Copy Buffett software does not require you to manually copy the trades, but rather the auto trader makes the trades for you.

The auto trader gives out wrong trades on a daily basis illustrating that it’s all GUESSWORK. Jeremy Fin just wants to steal people’s money by disguising this piece of crap as a revolutionary binary app which has been 6 years and 4 months in the making. That sounds so STUPID! This SCAM was probably built in 2 days because these scammers often KEEP scamming people by churning out software after software, giving them experience in the art of scamming.

What Does Copy Buffett Promise?


Like many scams, Copy Buffett promises extreme riches. Apparently, from using Copy Buffett (which is based on the mentality of Warren Buffett and his trading strategies), you can profit $1978 daily. From my experience, I didn’t make anywhere near this amount daily. Instead, the software ended up depleting my account from $250 to $19!

After I contacted the support department (, I never received any response nor any e-mails from them. In fact, I’m sure this e-mail address is just another LIE to deceive people into believing that they have support when they trade with Copy Buffett.

Copy Buffett promises that the software is 100% secured (in stealing your MONEY!) and that it is a ‘Top 5 Finance Software’. This is a BLATANT lie which can easily be disproved by doing a simple search on whether this SCAM has been awarded anything, which it hasn’t. It also has award badges saying ‘Best Quality Guaranteed’ whatever that means. I guess Jeremy Fin will peddle any rubbish statement which sticks.

The Art of Scamming: Fake Names and Fake Pictures! 


This ‘Jeremy Fin’ IDIOT is not even a REAL person. He uses a FAKE name whilst the REAL scammers are sitting in their offices with their hands tied smirking. This actor is just the fall guy who is being paid to peddle this SCAM. Here is the introductory video (which is unlisted – only those with a link can see it; I wonder why!)

As well as a fake creator, we are also faced with fake testimonials. The picture below is used as a testimonial on the Copy Buffett website. But this picture belongs to Greg, 42 in Birmingham who used this picture on a DATING SITE!

Yep, these scammers truly are MANIPULATIVE! They will go to extreme lengths to create fake testimonials to steal people’s money.

The image used on Copy Buffett website.


The same image used on a dating site.

Do NOT Trust Copy Buffett!

There are so many positive reviews of this scam (for financial benefit) that it can be easy for anyone to be suckered into this scam. I have reviewed all of the details of Copy Buffett and can confidently say it is 100% a silly scam.

Please share this article with others on social media to let the world know of these thieving scammers. If you have any questions about Copy Buffett or have been scammed by this software, please let me know via the comment section 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Is Copy Buffett A Scam? – Fraudulent Binary App Exposed

  1. Ashley

    Hey Jay, very clear review.
    I never heard of Copy Buffett before, as I can’t really say I’ve been very interested in the making money online options. But I’m glad I haven’t heard of it, as it seems very clear that it will only take your money.

    However, I wonder, are there so many people who fall in this trap? I mean, if they ask you to deposit at least $250 (which is by no means a very small amount), shouldn’t people suspect anything? I don’t know, I wouldn’t really deposit so much money without being 100% sure. I’m just wondering….
    Once again, thanks for this great review, it was very easy to understand how and why Copy Buffet is a big scam.

    1. Jay Post author

      Hi Ashley, yeah their a lot of people who sign up for these opportunities because they seem genuine. In binary options, you need to invest money in order to trade so that’s why they don’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. But as illustrated in the article, a lot of these scams have a lot of false promises in common which illustrate whether they are a scam or not.

    2. Rhett Briggs

      I signed up hoping to use there signals ,bad signals,bad broker ( Starling Capital)they don’t even offer 10 min trades.I lost $285 over 4 days of trading manually.Auto trade tab on dash board doesn’t work & you have to call your broker to turn on or off,false advertising for sure.

      1. Anna Robinson


        I am a representative of Starling Capital. I regret any dissatisfaction you have experienced with us, but I am here to try and resolve these matters with you. Kindly contact me at my email and I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you, and receiving your feedback.

        Best Regards,
        Anna R

        1. Jay Post author

          Absolutely not – your just another scamming binary option who is UNREGULATED. Sorry, those deceptive tricks don’t work here.

          1. Anna Robinson

            Dear Jay,

            I work in Customer Relations at Starling Capital. I want to help any client who has had a dis-satisfactory experience with us. If there is an issue I can help resolve, then that is what I am here to do.

            Kind Regards,
            Anna R

          2. Jay Post author

            Absolutely not – your just another scamming binary option who is UNREGULATED. Sorry, those deceptive tricks don’t work here.

  2. Cheryl

    Great page and such a scam of a company. Very informative as to how bad they are. Very good pictures and some very good information.Easy to read and flowed well. The layout of the page was good and you have a good review of the company to let people know to stay away from them.

  3. Shane

    Hey Jay,

    Great article. Always great to get the back story on these kind of operations. I never heard of Copy Buffet before. I think that whole concept of getting money for doing nothing is the real prof of this scam. If they could get their computer to really print money through options trading, there would be no need for them to open it up as a business.

  4. Chris

    It amazes me the amount of scams that are targeting binary options – I mean, they are not the easiest or safest way to earn online in the first place!
    Forex is a steady market investment but binary options are all over the place – a rapid gamble at best!
    Thank you for revealing yet another binary scam – one to stay away from for sure!

  5. Chris

    I take it that this $250 onwards to trade is going straight into the pocket of some sort of broker…and then turning into a 50% commission for the maker of this binary app?
    That’s the way these binary options scams seem to be working out these days…it’s sickening really. Once you have deposited the money you’ll realize you can’t withdraw until you trade a bit….and lose it all!

  6. hartietina9atgmaildotcom

    I registered with a scam broker and was tricked into putting in money, they also took money from my card without my consent. I had to hire a refund professional to recover my funds.


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