Escape The Rat Race – A Major Binary Options Scam!

There’s a new binary options method which claims to make you wealthy called ‘Escape The Rat Race’. This scam is fronted by a paid actor called Matt Taylor, who blatantly reads off a script unconvincingly. This cornball truly reflects the definition of corniness because he goes from hopping into a BMW, eating at a restaurant, tipping a waiter to tipping the car guy who parked his car. Yep, the lengths that these scammers go to convince us to deposit our hard earned money is DISGUSTING!

I have good suspicions to believe that the scammers who created Escape the Rat Race are the same scammers who brought us Copy Buffett! Copy Buffett was a huge success for binary options scam bosses as they were able to pay off a lot of blogs (including Binary Options Watchdog and Binary Options Governor) to endorse this scam as genuine.

These scammers invest money to make these scams look convincing by paying off blogs, hiring paid actors, hired cars and fake material possessions. The amount of money they make back is ten-fold and once a scam has been exposed effectively, they move onto the next marketing tactic for a new scam.

Name: Escape The Rat Race


Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creator: Matt Taylor

Cost: $250 onwards to trade.

Silly Scam?: Yes

What Is Escape The Rat Race? 

Escape The Rat Race is a binary options software which apparently teaches us how to trade successfully using the same tools and trading methods as Wall Street millionaires. These methods apparently include mathematical formulas such as Fibonacci and moving averages which are name dropped to convince people that it is not a scam.

The claim that the software has insider information on how Wall Street traders make their money is ludicrous particularly, as this software is marketed as ‘free’. As we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Matt Taylor however, tries his hardest to lure people into this scam by promising them various things including the luxury of being able to leave their job. According to him, people are able to make 5 times their salary just by using the software. Intriguing!

Matt Taylor: The Paid Actor. 


Matt Taylor isn’t even the real name of this paid actor, but you should know that everyone involved in this scam are all rats. The video begins with Matt claiming that he has studied and researched how traders in the stock market (such as Wall Street) make their millions. Because he is so passionate about helping people make money, Matt Taylor created this software to help you replicate the success of millionaire Wall Street traders. Yeah right!

One of the ways to deduce if an online opportunity is a scam is to check whether the program uses unrealistic promises of making a lot of money in a short amount of time. And Escape The Rat Race does exactly this by promising a lot of LIES!

Money and Materialism. 


Both materialism and money are used as techniques to gain users and steal their money. We see Matt Taylor hopping out of a BMW amongst other things involving money and materialistic possessions. Check out this CORNY idiot doing the MOST!

Mr Taylor has a party to get to, so he tips the waiter. The cameraman makes sure to zoom in on the $$$.


Matt Taylor also tips the car person who parked his BMW. So generous! Perhaps he could also give away some more money?


Matt Taylor even has the audacity to intimidate others into signing up for this scam by saying ‘if you have the balls…”. If only HE has the balls to be a DECENT human being and not PROMOTE scams. He even looks like a RAT!


Lies, Lies and More Lies!

Escape The Rat Race uses the following deceptive tactics:

1) Escape The Rat Race uses a deceptive countdown timer which NEVER runs out. Scammers always use this timer in binary options scams as they want people not to miss out on what they are fraudulently pushing.

2) The program fraudulently uses the names of reputable publications to give them legitimacy and authority but they have NONE! Logos from publications like Forbes, The Telegraph and CNN Money are used without their respective permissions. Furthermore, such publications have never spoken about Escape The Rat Race. The program also uses fake award badges.

3) Escape The Rat  Race claims there is a 100% success rate for over a year of using this software. LIES! Anyone who is experienced in binary options trading knows that there is no such thing as a 100% success rate when trading the stock market.

It comes with extreme risk if you don’t know what your doing and you don’t have the right tools and education to make sensible trading decisions. Matt Taylor actually admits in the sales video that nobody has a perfect trading record…so why does the software promise a 100% success rate? Because, they are SCAMMING rats!

4) The software claims that 90% of Wall Street traders use the same method as Escape The Rat Race…I’m dying of laughter right now because Wall Street traders would really use the same methods as a software which is apparently ‘free’ and promises a 100% success rate?!


5) Escape The Rat Race is advertised and promoted as ‘free’ but requires a deposit of a minimum of $250 with a questionable broker. It will then drain your account and Matt Taylor will be nowhere to be found.

6) Apparently, there is a LOT of support available if you have any questions including Live Chat. Newsflash: there is NO way to get in contact with Matt Taylor or Escape The Rat Race. There is NO live chat illustrating that this scam is built on fraud.

7) The program uses fake testimonials with stock pictures. These testimonials do not use real names and are taken from the internet. Furthermore, genuine testimonials should be clickable if they are from social media accounts which these are not.

r4Testimonials are fake

8) Makes fun of Copy Buffett! This is a new tactic that I’ve came across which makes me believe that these are the same scammers who brought us Copy Buffett. The website warns us by saying “stop wasting your time and money on trading courses, software and auto-trading that never works! Do you really think Warren Buffet uses “auto-trade” software?”

I see right through them and what they are doing is essentially taking advantage of those who have been financially abused by Copy Buffett. They are promising them that this is the real deal, but it’s another FRAUDULENT scam just like Copy Buffett! Shame on them and shame on bloggers who endorse this scam.

Escape The Rat Race Is A Silly Scam! 

Escape The Rat Race is a certified Silly Scam! These scammers are taking advantage of marketing methods in order to steal money from innocent people who genuinely want to make money online. If you are approached by this scam, please ignore it and share this article to warn others about this viral binary options scam.

Have you been scammed by Escape The Rat Race? I would love to hear from you and get your take on what you think of this latest Silly Scam.

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12 thoughts on “Escape The Rat Race – A Major Binary Options Scam!

  1. Anthony

    I am actually quite shocked by this review. I didn’t think that this program was so bad. Personally, Binary is something I have recently gotten into so I am still confused by everything but I am glad I came across this sort of review so that I know what to look for when finding out if a program is a scam.

    What is your most recommended way to earn money online?

  2. Gary

    well i can only say i have done my fair share of falling for scams and the website you have here is great a real eye opener these people who think they can make pop up shops and steal peoples money is wrong thank you for such a great site out lining the issues people have with scams online

  3. Jennifer

    I personally LOVE blogs that blow scams out of the water. I know very trusting people who believe that no one would lie about making money…. I’m the type to search for “the promise” like losing weight and changing nothing…. or making millions overnight….. but my innocent friends often see me as skeptical so I’ve always got to find other voices to help me help them lol.
    Thank you for the article it’s going to help a lot

    1. Jay Post author

      Yeah, unfortunately, you can’t trust everyone. There are even blogs who say they are exposing scams but they are involved in the scams themselves!

  4. Brian

    Thank you for posting that review of escape the rat race. How do these binary scams keep popping up?! Let me tell you, over a year ago I nearly fell for one of these binary scams.

    They were promising a lot of the same things as escape the rat race was. They say it is free, but of course you have to put in a minimum deposit which was $200 at the time. I actually put in my credit card number, but thankfully my credit card company thought it was suspicious and did not let it go through.

    After researching it, I found out it was a scam and called my credit card company and thanked them for not letting it go through. I learned my lesson with these make money quick with binary scams and I will certainly stay FAR away from escape the rat race!

    1. Jay Post author

      Your welcome Brian. The scammers keep on creating new binary scams which promise different things but all have one thing in common: they are all scams. I’m glad that you was able to escape that because a lot of people get caught up in these horrible scams which make them lose money.

  5. chris

    I’m glad i read this because I was looking to try binary options and a lot of the sites I looked at said the same thing that they can make you quick money with a formula used by others. I guess there is no way to make a quick buck.

  6. Melissa

    Hi. Great information. It always screams scam of there is no contact information. There is no way to get rich quick, it takes hard work and perseverance. Thanks for warning people about these guys. Have you found any legitimate ways to make money online? What are binary options? I have never heard the term before.

  7. Chris

    It’s great to find websites like this on Google that actually stand up for the newbies coming online to earn some cash. So many of them end out of pocket due to clever sales pages and promises of fake wealth.
    This appears to be yet another binary options scam – I have no idea why the scammers choose this niche so often but it must be popular…what do you think?

  8. Chris

    It’s amazing these days that so many scams online end up being linked to binary options – what is it with this type of trading?
    The sales page always seems to be something completely different but when you eventually sign up you have to invest in a broker to continue. And guess who’s an affiliate of that broker????
    Yep, the guy who owns the program!


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