Is ‘Insured Outcome’ A Scam? – The Truth Revealed

insured outcome scam

So I was browsing through my e-mails when I was notified about a new binary automated system named ‘Insured Outcome’. Just reading the title alone made me raise my eyebrows as there is nothing ‘insured’ about binary options. In fact, they are a high risk investment which you can lose REALLY quickly without the proper support, education and practice.

So, when I decided to investigate what this ‘Insured Outcome’ program was about,  I was surprised by the amount of inconsistencies. Read on to find out the answer to the question many are unsure about: is Insured Outcome a scam?

Name: Insured Outcome


Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creator: Oliver Breitner

Cost: $250 onwards to trade.

Silly Scam?: Yes

What is Insured Outcome? 


Insured Outcome is an auto trading binary app which promises A LOT of money. Their statements are so exaggerated so the average person will be blinded by dream riches and sign up to their program.

When you visit their website you are faced with a sales video which promises you money if you use their binary trading app. There is a demo account on the prerecorded video which trades and shows you profit to sway you into signing up. However, there is nothing authentic about Insured Outcome.

How Does it Work?

Insured Outcome works by requiring you to sign up to one of their ‘recommended brokers’, one of which is ‘Option Bit’. After researching Option Bit, they are not as customer service friendly as other brokers.

After having personal experiences with dealing with Option Bit, I would absolutely recommend staying away from them. My information was sold on to other third parties, MANY of which were scams! After you sign up to their recommended broker, the free SCAM app is then available to access.

Shady Tactics.

If a program sounds too good to be true; then it probably is. The amount of exaggerated statements Insured Outcome makes is ridiculous.

Examples of their exaggerated statements include:


Hmm. So Insured Methods are trying to tell me that you are GUARANTEED $18,0001.01 PER DAY and then they say you can gain $750 profits HOURLY? These are two conflicting statements which raises alarm bells straight away. It’s funny how these type of programs can’t even get their deceptive tactics straight.

Furthermore, anyone who is educated in binary options knows that there is a high risk associated with trading. Consequently, to guarantee a person $18,000,01 per day is DECEPTIVE and not true. Trading requires the right education and practice; if you don’t have these then you are basically wasting your hard earned money and handing it to these shady binary programs.

It is also funny how one of the statements include ‘free trial now’ – there is nothing free about signing up to a broker ($250 minimum) and then getting an app which doesn’t take any personal responsibility for the outcome of your trades. In fact, you have a LOT more to LOSE than to GAIN.

Insured Outcome basically plays with your money using their app which they expect you to trust. There is nothing guaranteed about this program and the hourly wage is also a lie. But it doesn’t end there. They also use more lies to sway you into signing up. They apparently have cutting edge technology which allows them to spot small changes before the fastest WALL STREET traders.

Yep you read that right; a shady binary option app apparently has more trading knowledge and technology than Wall Street *insert rolling eyes here” Further lies come from their statements that their trading platform will never lose a trade which is NOT POSSIBLE as binary option trading involves risk. Risk = a chance that a trade WILL lose.

Furthermore, Insured Outcome uses fake testimonials which are not verifiable.

What ‘Insured Outcome’ Won’t Tell You.

The reason they make these statements so effortlessly is because they have nothing to lose from taking people’s hard earned money. Instead of actually providing PROOF and REAL testimonials they want to sway people by making deceptive statements.

They won’t tell you that they are a middle man between you and the broker to basically swindle your money. They won’t tell you that all you need is a REGULATED BROKER with the right EDUCATION and PRACTICE as opposed to shady trading app which is NOT guaranteed.

Insured Outcome is A Silly Scam! 

I say all of the above to conclude that Insured Outcome has all the signs of a certified scam. They use all of the deceptive statements, testimonials and tactics one would expect from a program which seeks to scam you out of your hard earned money.

If you have been scammed by Insured Outcome or want to know more about this Silly Scam, please don’t hesitate to contact me under this article and I will get back to as soon as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Is ‘Insured Outcome’ A Scam? – The Truth Revealed

  1. Chris

    Okay – “a new binary automated system named ‘Insured Outcome’”. Right there’s only really one part of that statement anyone should be listening to really – binary automated. As an experienced trader from all aspects of forex I know that there are no such systems – they cannot and will not work. The markets are a lot more diverse than humans OR robots! Just look at the title of a product – if it contains ‘automated binary’ or ‘binary robot’ its a scam (EVERY TIME).

    1. Jay Post author

      Absolutely Chris. What is confusing many is the fact that so called scam exposers are actually involved in these scams themselves. They are referring people onto these scams by promising them these systems work.

  2. Alex

    Wow, that program has a scam written all over it. Unfortunately a lot of people are willing to part with their money in exchange for riches that are promised to them (even if the claims are too good to be true). Great review, It’s going to help a lot off people who are looking for a way to make honest money online to stay away from this scam.


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