Is Crunch Tech A Scam? – The Disturbing Truth Exposed

Let me just say this before I begin exposing this dirty scam: be weary of bloggers who endorse any binary options trading software just for financial gain. I see a lot of bloggers hopping on the evil bandwagon of luring and defrauding hardworking people just for a quick buck.

It’s truly disturbing the amount of bloggers I have seen who are endorsing this scam, just to profit off somebody’s HONEST earnings. However, this is nothing new; it’s been happening for quite a while now and it doesn’t seem it’s going to go anywhere soon. I’ll explain more about this later on in the article.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s reveal the answer to the question: Is Crunch Tech A Scam? 

Name: Crunch Tech


Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creators: Daniel Avery and Rick Paulson

Cost: $250 onwards to trade.

Silly Scam?: Yes

What is Crunch Tech?

In a nutshell Crunch Tech is a fully automated binary options robot just like Copy Buffett. What the Crunch Tech software requires you to do is to deposit at least $250 with an assigned broker.

From there on, Crunch Tech will deplete your deposit by making reckless binary trades on currencies. Unlike other auto traders, the Crunch Tech software carries out currency trades and not commodities although the sales page is all about trading commodities!

Just a quick word of warning on binary options brokers: In my experience, even those which are regulated (such as Banc De Binary) are involved in bad business practices. If a fraudulent software like Crunch Tech depletes all your deposit, don’t expect the broker to help you. In fact, the broker welcomes your deposit despite knowing the software which has referred you to them is a scam!

Crunch Tech Seems Familiar….

Is Crunch Tech A Scam?

As I stumbled upon Crunch Tech’s sales page, I straightaway noticed similarities the software has with a previous binary options software app called Neo2. Neo2 is a certified scam and if you missed my review on Neo2, click here.

Just like NEo2, the premise of Crunch Tech’s binary software is related to weather forecasting and climate change which is all rubbish. What is also reminiscent of Neo2 are the similar scamming techniques used such as hiring paid actors to spew a bunch of scamming lies to defraud honest people.

There is no verifiable data to prove what Daniel and Rick are claiming is true. It makes ZERO sense  that climate change and weather forecasting impacts the binary options stock market. However, what does make sense is the fact that Crunch Tech are preying on people who don’t know much about binary options.

It’s more easier to scam somebody who doesn’t know what is really involved in the realm of binary options trading. And what’s not involved is weather forecasting.

The Cap’n Crunch Theory!

Only a bunch of idiots would name their scam software after a box of cereal. And this is exactly what Crunch Tech have done. They have named the ‘algorithm’ used in their software as the Cap’n Crunch theory.

Of course we all know that there is no such thing as the Cap’n Crunch theory since it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create an auto trading system which recklessly trades your MONEY without any trading analysis or education.

Let’s just hope they asked the Captain for permission to use his name after a SCAM!

These losers pathetically try to promise us that the Cap’n Crunch software is different to all the other scamming app’s out there. According to Rick (the one in the horrible blue shirt), the reason why all the other auto traders (like Copy Buffett and Neo2) have failed is because they don’t properly predict market data. Ohhh…thanks for that Rick. We believe you….NOT!

Is Crunch Tech A Scam?

‘All these rehearsed lines about Cap’n Crunch is making me feel like eating Cap’n Crunch!’

Rick also says that the Cap’n Crunch software uses methods such as ‘fundamental analysis’ and ‘supply and demand’ in making predictions based on weather forecasting in advance. However, he never really explains HOW weather forecasting IMPACTS the stock market and show us REAL TIME proof/results of the two interrelating.

But it doesn’t stop there. Crunch Tech really takes the cake and the biscuit when it comes to promising lies using DECEPTIVE tactics!

Fake Millionaire’s, Fake Pages & Fake Analysts. 

Is Crunch Tech A Scam?

Crunch Tech have used so many evil tactics on their sales page, it is quite disturbing. From hiring pretty girls to reiterate how amazing the Cap’n Crunch theory is, to having fake page links on their website, Crunch Tech truly are VILE!

1] All of the names mentioned in their sales page (Briana Mathison, Daniel Avery, Carla Acosta and Rick Paulson) are all hired actors. There is no verifiable information about these people which raises a BIG flag about whether they are REAL. In fact, the acting itself is quite dire; from the constant head shaking from ‘Daniel’ to ‘Rick’ looking like he is hungry to go home, all of their claims are rehearsed GARBAGE!

Is Crunch Tech A Scam?

2] As mentioned before, the page links to investigate Crunch Tech are NOT real. They all take you back to the landing sign up page which requires your details in order for you to access the software and deposit money. Even if you click on their social media links, they all take you back to the sign up page. It’s all smoke and mirrors designed to trick you into believing they are reputable when they are anything but.

Is Crunch Tech A Scam?

Where’s the address of the headquarters?

3] This links back to the first point that there is no REAL information about these creators. These idiots are always flashing their cars and hiring fancy places to act out their rehearsed lines, but why don’t they give us an ADDRESS for their so called ‘headquarters’? Because, again, it’s smoke and mirrors designed to trick you into giving up your hard earned money for their fraudulent gain.

4] Crunch Tech uses the same layout, design and software as Neo2 which gives me good reason to believe that the same scammers are behind this software as well (*Cough* Michael Freeman *Cough*).

From the format of the sales video to the same software display, it is clear that Crunch Tech is a carbon copy of Neo2.  In fact, Crunch Tech even use the same ‘beta testing’ LIE to lure in people to deposit. They claim that they only have 250 positions open (yeah right) and you get a 90 day free trial with the software. After the trial, the software will cost $750! Because people will really pay $750 for a scam…NOT!

5] Crunch Tech have paid A LOT of blogs who are in cahoots with these people for financial gain. As explained before, they receive a commission when you sign up for this software through them. Just like the various endorsements with Copy Buffett and Neo2, various bloggers who aim to ‘expose scams’ are endorsing this scam. From Binary Options Watchdog, Binary Options Governor, QuintUp,  Easy Trading Signals as well as a host of others, it’s all a VICIOUS scam!

Is Crunch Tech A Scam?

Examples of bloggers endorsing the Crunch Tech scam for their GREEDY pockets.

6] The claims of financial success are contradicting. For example, they say you can earn over $89 an hour and teach you to make up to $4,500 weekly. First of all, how is this software teaching us to do anything? I thought it was a self proclaimed auto trading software which doesn’t require any knowledge or education? These contradictions illustrate that these scammers can’t keep up with all the rubbish they promise.

Crunch Tech Is A Silly Scam! 

Is Crunch Tech A Scam?

Crunch Tech is a certified Silly Scam!

If you see any websites/emails endorse this scam, just ignore it. If you deposit, you won’t receive your full deposit back but what you will receive is a whole host of other SCAMMERS contacting you to deposit with them.

Have you been scammed by Crunch Tech? I would love to hear from you and get your take on what you think of this scam. Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media to warn others of this latest binary options scam.

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