Is Neo2 Software A Scam? – Yes Indeed!

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I stumbled on an auto trading system called ‘Neo2’ through positive binary watchdog reviews of the product. It was this review (click here) and this review (click here) which resulted in my decision to go ahead and try these binary option systems.

You would think that review sites which claim to expose binary scams would tell the truth. But evidently not, as these so called reviewers receive a commission when people like me go ahead to try these silly scams. See here for more on this.

You have come to the right place if you want to know the TRUTH to the question on many people’s minds: is Neo2 software a scam? Let’s jump right on in.

Name: Neo2


Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creators: Dr. Jack Piers, Amit Gutpa and Michael Freeman

Cost: $250 onwards to trade.

Silly Scam?: Yes

What is Neo2?


Neo2 is basically a scam dressed up as a revolutionary auto trading system. You can manually trade by copying the signals given on the Neo2 platform or turn on the auto trading feature. Neo2 is just like the plethora of auto trading robots out there which are there to steal your money.

Neo2 is marketed as a system which is in the ‘beta’ stage of testing. Consequently, it is apparently only free for a limited amount of time. After that, the system will have a price tag of $7,500 😐

How Does Neo2 Work?


Neo2 works by firstly getting you to sign up to their system by providing your details.

After you do that, you are then transferred to a ‘recommended broker’ such as Option Bit whom you are required to deposit with. If that sounds all too familiar, it is. This is exactly how many of the scammy auto trading systems work – they all require a deposit with a ‘recommended broker’ who receives a percentage commission of the losses you make.

Just because a broker is regulated, doesn’t really negate their shady business practices. I have experienced a lot of regulated brokers (including Option Bit) who have basically treated me like crap. Please look out for my upcoming article on the shady business practices of binary option brokers like Option Bit and Banc De Binary.

After registering and depositing with the broker, you can then use the Neo2 platform which looks like this:


To activate the auto trading feature, you are required to click on the ‘Trade Algo’ and ‘Neo Sync’ buttons. The system then trades your money like a reckless idiot.

The Results

If a program sounds too good to be true; then it probably is.

I registered with Option Bit and deposited $250. Neo2 depleted my account to $145 at which point, I turned the system off. I had four consecutive trades placed by the system which were unsuccessful.

I wasn’t going to let the system deplete the whole account because these scammers have stole enough money.

After turning off the system, I e-mailed the following people: Michael Freeman (creator), Binary Options Watchdog (reviewer), Binary Options Governor (Reviewer) as well as Neo2 support. I e-mailed the reviewers because my decision to use Neo2 was based on their positive and shining reviews. I received no response from these people about Neo2 depleting my account and being a scam. Surprise surprise!

It didn’t take long for the conclusion to settle in. These so called reviewers who want to warn people about binary scams are involved in bad practices themselves. They as well as the broker receive a commission from people who use Neo2 through their respective links.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is no such thing as Neo2 support. Although a support email is listed, I never received any e-mails or responses from this address.

You Can Never Win When You Play Dirty.

If any of the people I emailed happen to read this review including the Binary Options Governor and Binary Options Watchdog, please listen carefully: karma is real, and it will come back to bite you on your ass ten-fold. You may be making a lot of money through these commissions and fake positive reviews, but it will come back around to hurt you in the long run.

I sent the following e-mail:

Hi so I read your reviews on both copy buffett and NEO2 which I have signed up for.

The Neo2 program has lost me a lot of money. I have had 4 trades lose in a row and I had to turn off the program due to it making all those trades. 
The broker it assigned me to was option bit….Later on in the day i received a call from optio nbit telling me to turn off the robot I had….I questioned how they knew I was using a robot?
They said because of the aggressive trades made, I should trade with him which would require a further investment which would be insured – so if I lost the money they would refund it to my account. I knew that this wasn’t true based on experience, but he still said it would be refunded to my bank account and not my trading account.
I declined and he said, we also have a robot. Somebody is going to call me about the robot next. 
My question is, am I being scammed? I’m confused as reviews are saying NEO2 is great, but with all those loses is it the broker? 
Please help me
Best wishes

As mentioned previously, I never received any response.

It’s disgusting to me how manipulative people can be. So these so called reviewers can approve comments which ask questions about Neo2 but your not going to allow users to tell the truth about how Neo2 depleted their deposits?

Neo2 Exposed!

Neo2 uses the following DIRTY tactics to lure people in:

  • Neo2 uses made up quotes from reputable publications like The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal on their website. These publications have NEVER spoke about the Neo2 system.
  • Mentions them having a Kick Starter campaign to launch the platform which is a LIE. There is no Kick Starter campaign listed.
  • Says it is 100% free, but really you are required to deposit a minimum amount with a broker who in all likelihood is VERY shady.
  • Falsely promises to make you a lot of money with statements like: “the convergence of trading algorithms & innovative weather prediction technology is making ordinary online users $4,000 weekly!” Lies! It also makes claims that you can make $140 an hour.
  • Unverifiable and false testimonials – a big sign that this whole system is FRAUDULENT! One of pictures from the testimonials is taken from a dating site.
  • We cannot find any tangible information on the so called creators of this silly system. If Dr Jack Piers really had a PhD, wouldn’t it be easy to search if he ACTUALLY exists and his research publications?
  • Almost all of the links on the website link back to the sign up page. This is highly DECEPTIVE! There are so many links which link back to wanting your details to access the Neo2 platform. Links at the bottom of the page like ‘who we are’, ‘support’, ‘press’, ‘social media’ are all for show and are fake.


Neo2 is A Silly Scam! 

I say all of the above to conclude that this binary options auto trading platform called Neo2 is a certified scam.

This system is being promoted by a lot of people, including reviewers who seek to warn others about scams. The hypocrisy is real.

If you have been scammed by Neo2 or want to know more about this Silly Scam, please don’t hesitate to contact me under this article and I will get back to as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to like and share this article if it was useful to you.

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11 thoughts on “Is Neo2 Software A Scam? – Yes Indeed!

  1. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    I and many other people thank you and anyone else who brings out in the open the scams online today, so many including myself has been a victim to online scams. You provided a great article and service to many people with this article, so many scams online today people are not taking advantage of great opportunities not knowing if they are for real or not.

  2. Jyl

    I was interested to read that these people claim to be on Kickstarter, since I’m a massive user of KS. But when I type ‘neo2’ into the search bar it’s nowhere to be found. Clearly they are scammers using well-known and loved platforms to try to increase their credibility. It’s a pity that you had to lose money just to be able to expose them, but at least you’ve saved lots of other people from losing their cash. Great review, thanks for the info 🙂

  3. JMagnus

    Great resource for folks who are looking for alternate ways to make an income. There are way too many programs out there designed to scam people and I’m glad to have a site that exposes such programs. Would definitely like to see more content on “the Ugly” section-maybe talk about some of the MLM/pyramid schemes that are out there. And by the way, the Anti Scam Tips is awesome. Everyone should read that. Overall, great site!

  4. Chris

    Man why would a knowledgable Binary trader go for this sort of thing – they wouldn’t, so they are probably aiming it at newbies to the online earning world (and that is just wrong). Nobody can hit the numbers these Options products promise – the market is a constantly changing beast! Thanks for alerting us to yet another scam!

  5. Chris

    I can’t believe that they have so many binary options scams out there at the moment – don’t people know that the markets are far too dynamic for a peice of software to control?
    Binary Options are not really trading anyway – they are more of a toss of the coin gamble at best!
    Thanks for alerting us to this wasteful scam!

  6. Chris

    I can’t believe that they have so many binary options scams out there at the moment – don’t people know that the markets are far too dynamic for a peice of software to control?
    Binary Options are not really trading anyway – they are more of a toss of the coin gamble at best!
    Thanks for alerting us to this wasteful scam!


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