Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam? – Read This Review Before You Try

I have been receiving a lot of notifications about a work from home programme called Online Wealth Markets. It is also being promoted under other names such as Online Wealth Formula – both being the same programme.

This review will give you a definitive answer to the burning question on many of my readers’ minds. So let’s go in deep and find out; is Online Wealth Markets a scam?

Name: Online Wealth Markets


Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creator: Walter Green

Cost: $250+

Silly Scam?: Yes

What Is Finance Reports?

Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam?

This programme is disguised very cleverly through various marketing methods. Many have come across Online Wealth Markets through a fake news article (via e-mail) seemingly published on a news site called ‘Finance Reports’. Finance Reports however, is a funnel/landing page full of fabrications and lies in order to hook you into the Online Wealth Markets scam.

If you click on any of the links on Finance Reports, it will take you to the sign up page. This is hugely misleading as they are attempting to cover all of the bases to make this article look genuine, but the links directing to the same sign up page illustrates something more sinister.

The article in question on Finance Reports states that a person called Matthew Hicks is considerably richer (5-6 thousand euros per month) due to trading with Online Wealth Markets. Although, the article makes reference to places (Matthew is allegedly from London), there is no tangible information to verify the authenticity of Matthew Hicks.

This is a big red flag considering that the scammers want us to believe that the article is genuine. The article eventually leads to the actual website of Online Wealth Markets.

Online Wealth Markets Review

Let’s take a look at WHY Online Wealth Markets is a huge binary options scam instead of a genuine work from home opportunity. The way Online Wealth Markets is marketed gives the impression that it is a work from home opportunity which will entail regular work and income. But this is nothing but false dreams.

I published an article which illustrates the steps one should take to avoid online scams. The article covers how to spot the signs of a work from home scam which you might find beneficial taking a look at. Click here to read the article.

Back to exposing these scammers, on the sign up page of Online Wealth Markets, there are various contradictions. Firstly, they claim that all you need is: “basic typing skills and internet access to start earning online”

This is completely out of the ordinary because binary options has nothing to do with basic typing skills! – instead it involves education, practice and resilience which Online Wealth Markets fails to make the reader understand.

Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam?

Online Wealth Markets claims that you can start ‘making money tonight!’, but their risk disclosure says something different. They warn that “the product does not guarantee income or success, and examples of the product owner’s and other person’s results do not represent an indication of future success or earnings”.

Their fake promises and lies tell a different story to their risk disclosure illustrating how they are painting a false picture of Online Wealth Markets being a genuine work from home opportunity.

Another false statement is “in just 5 minutes, discover how you can earn money online working from home”. LIES! What you will find after you sign up to Online Wealth Markets is essentially a binary options auto trader which makes binary trades (currencies, commodities) on BEHALF of you. So, basically you are required to make a deposit with their recommended broker which is $250.

is online wealth markets a scam?

The broker can range from UNREGULATED brokers (Prestige Options) whom Online Wealth Markets have an affiliation with as well as REGULATED brokers (Banc De Binary) who have ZERO shame being involved with these scammers. I have had extremely negative experiences with Banc De Binary (a REGULATED broker) and they don’t really care about abiding by the CySec regulations.

The auto trading software will then deplete your deposits by executing reckless trades and you will have NO reply from Online Wealth Markets about your concerns. Don’t believe me? Just try to click on their social media pages on their sales page and it’s all fictitious. The social media pages don’t even exist! SCAMMERS!

Online Wealth Markets gain commissions by you depositing with the broker they are affiliated with.

Further Exposing Online Wealth Markets

is online wealth markets a scam?

If all of that wasn’t shocking enough, take a look at the scamming and manipulative tactics used by Online Wealth Markets to steal your money.

1] Fake testimonials: the pictures used on the sales page are not genuine or real. They are taken from stock photographs and the internet. Furthermore, the testimonials say ‘Success Story’ with no further information on the ‘success’ of the person.

2] Fake account statements: the ‘account withdrawals’ on the second sales page of Online Wealth Markets are all fabricated. They don’t even have people’s names! They name them ‘player 1’ and ‘player 2’ and they refer to ‘start playing now’. WHAT?!

Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam?

I thought this scam was being marketed as a work from home opportunity. Then it turned into a binary options investment. And now, it’s being portrayed as a ‘game’ which will make you RICH! You seriously can’t make this stuff up. My mind literally is exhausted just going through the scamming motions of Online Wealth Markets!

is online wealth markets a scam?

3] Fake ‘live’ trades: a robot voice draws you in to play and test the game to see if it is profitable. Of course, all of the trades are successful and fabricated. The market points of the trades don’t even make sense and it’s not live. They even add music to make you feel relaxed and like your winning! Disgusting tactics like these make me wonder if these people can sleep at night.

is online wealth markets a scam?

4] Fake funds: after successfully playing the game, the robot says you can now withdraw your funds. Yay! Free money! Right? After putting in my details to get my profit of $177.78, another sales page comes from a nameless paid actor. He reiterates that the profit is money that I can withdraw and it’s guaranteed.

Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam?

But there’s a caveat: you need to deposit $250 with the recommended broker in order to withdraw the profit from the FAKE game and I need to play an addition 20 times. OK, this is officially a certified scam which is based on confusion, lies and deceiving tactics. Of course, I never deposited as I would never see this money back OR ever see my ‘guaranteed profit’!

is online wealth markets a scam?

Fake ‘reputable’ brokers: I was referred onto a broker called UBinary which is unregulated and has bad practices. They shouldn’t be providing ANY services as they are not genuine. What they basically want is your money sugar coated in binary options fluff which doesn’t make you any richer.

What it does do is make you financially violated and scammed. This is exactly the same process I went through and when it came to it, these so called ‘brokers’ and ‘programme creators’ were nowhere to be found….and neither was my $4000 deposit. Furthermore, once these dirty brokers get your information such as your phone number, they harass you to deposit and make more fake promises to get your money.

Exposing The Exposers

I published an article which illustrated that scammers are creating blogs or paying people to write positive reviews about their scams. They do this in order to get as many people they can to sign up to their scam. Click here to read the article.

The bloggers themselves are involved as they know that they are endorsing scams but because of the financial incentives they gain (via commissions), they continue to write blogs about how they are making so much money from the software.

As this review is about Online Wealth Markets, let me give you a run down on which blogs are on the payroll of these scammers.

Quint Up, Best Binary Options Signal, The Daily Hastings, Online Wealth Markets

Online Wealth Markets Is A Silly Scam!

I can safely conclude that Online Wealth Markets is a Silly Scam which doesn’t deserve your time or energy.

Please share, like and comment under this article to let me know what you feel about this scam. Have you had any experiences with Online Wealth Markets? I would love to hear from you.

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