Is Traders Revenge A Scam? – The Disturbing Truth Exposed

Traders Revenge is a new program which is marketed to those who have been scammed in the past. The premise of the Traders Revenge hinges on getting retribution from those who have scammed you.

According to Traders Revenge, you can get those scammers back by making a lot of money by trading binary options. Is Traders Revenge a scam? Let’s take a look at the program in further detail.

Name: Traders Revenge


Type: Binary Options Trading

Claimed Creator: Ryan Jackson

Cost: $250+

Silly Scam?: Yes

Traders Revenge Explained

Much like many binary options scams, the Traders Revenge website begins with a sales video from a person called Ryan Jackson. Ryan speaks about how there are a lot of scams out there and reiterates that if you have been scammed, now is the time to take action. He says that now is the time to rub your success in the faces of those who scammed you.

Ryan claims that his software can make you $500 in the next 15 minutes and eventually anywhere between $500 to $5000 per week. However, the information on the website adds to these earning claims by saying that you can make $13,500 per month; GUARANTEED. That’s quite a bold statement. He swiftly repeats to take revenge on those scammers by taking action.


How are we supposed to take action? By firstly filling in our contact details including our name, phone number and e-mail address. After this capture of personal details, another sales page begins which congratulates us for getting to the members area. Because, that was such a HUGE accomplishment! (not).

The video eventually instructs us to deposit with their ‘secret’ and ‘exclusive’ broker in order to begin trading binary options with the Traders Revenge software. Apparently, the broker is an insider guy who ‘kicks ass’ and wants you to make money. When I investigated into the broker the Traders Revenge software linked me to, it was an unregulated broker called B4 Binary.

B4 Binary are relatively new and affiliated with the Traders Revenge for a reason. And this reason is to do with financial gain. When you deposit through the Traders Revenge, B4 Binary will pay them a commission for your funds. Because B4 Binary is an unregulated broker, they are involved in bad business practices including cold calling and harassing people to deposit.

In reality, there is no ‘software’ as Ryan Jackson claims in his sales video. The Trader’s Revenge is essentially a reckless trading robot which aims to put you further out of pocket. It is the same system and platform as previous binary scams such as The Midas Method and Midnight Money Machine. Check out the SAME interfaces of these platforms below.

Traders Revenge is the complete opposite from what Ryan Jackson claims that the fact that the creators of this scam are preying on those who have fell victim to scams is disgusting.

Shady Tactics Exposed

Ryan Jackson uses a lot of manipulative and deceiving tactics to lure you into depositing with their broker. For example, he claims that the system is 100% free because when you deposit $250 with the broker, he will refund you this back. Because, who doesn’t love free money right? He claims that he only wants to see action takers and those who are serious about making money.

Except, what he fails to explain is the stupidity of asking somebody to deposit money which will be refunded. If he is so RICH, then why can’t he just give us a free trial of the software with his OWN money? Wouldn’t that be a much easier transaction as it cuts out the so called ‘refund’.

Furthermore, if somebody gives their personal contact details, this should be enough to show Ryan that they are serious about making money. However, Ryan still reiterates that it’s important that you deposit, so they can see you are serious about taking revenge and making REAL money.


Time For You To Win Lose

Ryan claims that after you deposit, you will receive a phone call from their coaches who will help you to make your first $500. Of course, this is not a Traders Revenge coach, but an ‘adviser’ from their ‘exclusive’ broker who doesn’t act according to the CySec regulations.

B4 Binary will NOT help you get your money back when the ‘software’ recklessly executes unsuccessful trades and drains your account balance. Ryan also chucks in a couple more junk statements like inviting you to a webinar and information on how you can send him your successful testimonial. *insert cringe inducing face here*

Other dirty tactics include promising that you will make money which is a LIE. Binary options trading carries a HUGE risk particularly if you don’t have the required education and practical experience. So the Traders Revenge GUARANTEEING profits raises a huge red flag.

Furthermore, the software is only open to “40 underdogs” so Ryan wants you to rush to fill in your details. After these 40 people sign up, the opportunity will be ‘gone forever’ which is extremely amusing since it’s been there for a couple of a days now! How can I contact Ryan to tell him that he lied? Oh wait, I can’t.

Fake Promises & Fake Actors

There is ZERO contact from Ryan Jackson himself or support from Traders Revenge. In fact, Ryan Jackson (fake name) is a Fiverr actor who follows a script. He does have nice hair though. These Fiverr actors are becoming more and more attractive by the day!


The lady speaking about how she made a ton of money with Traders Revenge is also a Fiverr actor who demands $150 for a ‘premium video’ with bells and whistles. SHOCKING!


The people behind these scams are becoming more and more slick. They are now trying to market their scams to those who HAVE been scammed and lure them into the scam by promising them they can make back the money they have lost. This is exactly what the Traders Revenge does.

However, nothing in life is free and you have to put in effort and persistence into a GENUINE avenue which has the potential to make you money. The Traders Revenge however, offers fake hopes, promises and dreams which never come to fruition but puts you in a negative position both financially and mentally.

Traders Revenge Is A Silly Scam!

With that said, I can confidently confirm that Traders Revenge is a certified Silly Scam! These manipulative scammers are taking advantage of victims who have been burned by scams in the past. Traders Revenge uses marketing methods (such as paid blogs endorsing and promoting the scam) in order to steal money from innocent people who genuinely want to make money online.

If you are approached by this scam, please ignore it and share this article via social media to warn others about this viral binary options scam. Have you been scammed by Traders Revenge? I would love to hear from you and get your take on what you think of this latest scam.

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4 thoughts on “Is Traders Revenge A Scam? – The Disturbing Truth Exposed

  1. Mike

    Thanks for the article. I have come across Traders Revenge a few times but was quite skeptical. After reading your article, my first instinct was correct.

    Once again, thanks for the heads up. Probably saved me some time and money…and a few headaches!!!

  2. Charles

    Very informative and you spell out the scam very well. This scam is not just silly, it’s downright stupid, but sadly some people will fall for it.
    At the best of times, binary options are just about the closest thing to gambling that you can get. I studied another binary options operation and placed “pretend trades”. Even with my pretty decent knowledge of the currency markets, and after making logical decisions, I still would have come away losing.
    You’re right – stay away.


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